Who We Are

Being surrounded by friends who had food allergies intolerance towards everything - dairy, wheat, egg, nuts (almost killed a friend by offering him a prawn satay), seafood etc - made it harder to organise dinners out together and choosing a restaurant that will cater for all without sending one person to the hospital was always as long as the queue at StarBucks and harder than the audition for X factor. Watching friends bring their own (wheat free) beer to the pub and kids turning down cookies were always heart breaking and never a laughing matter (though there were jokes that if the boyfriend ever cheated, we just needed to add some peanut butter to his sandwich to let him know who’s boss!).

Not being coeliac myself meant I didn’t have the same problem, but I was curious as to what other health benefits this food lifestyle can offers. Mainly I was looking for a solution to my skin problem. I was plagued with severe acne since hitting my teenage years and throughout my adult life, it didn’t get any better. I was always health conscious, listening to doctors’ advice of avoiding junk food, fast food and eating more greens. But it never seen to help. Nights of searching the internet for a solution had me stumbling across many sites that talked about certain foods that can aggravate and cause skin inflammation without causing any allergies-like symptoms and can go unnoticed but still cause problems with my skin!

Raw? Candida? Gluten free? Dairy free? GMO? Superfood!

The more I read, the more it made sense. Combine this with some of the health benefit and no side effects, I was going to get my skin back on track naturally and I also wanted to share this with the community.

I work in an office where snacking was a big thing. People sitting in front of their computers, munching on chips and chocolate. The amount of Percy Pigs and confectionary that was consumed, along with commercial cakes rich with cream and sugar was actually sickening at times. I’m not saying you shouldn’t indulge once in a while, but this was happening most every day and I’m thinking there must be a healthy way to still enjoy snack (and not just carrot sticks) and not have to go on a crash diet afterwards.

So was born Only A Smile.

For the busy people. For the health conscious. For the Cyclist on the run. For the inbetween meal times without the guilt.

Granola Bars
Granola Bars